• Quality

    Grass Fed, free of hormones and antibiotics, no added ingredients. Packaged in a glass bottle with bovine gelatin capsules.

  • Regenerative

    Locally sourced from carbon-friendly farms that regenerate the soil and raise their animals ethically.

  • Nutrient Dense

    Freeze-dried to preserve up to 97% of the nutrients in their most natural state.

Reviving The Past

South Africa is home to the world’s oldest tribes and most prolific hunters, and so we look to their health as a testament to the true ways of eating. From the San people to Voortrekkers, our wholefood food supplements celebrate these diverse groups and the shared dietary wisdom that sustained them for generations.

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Healing The Present

Every fight starts at home. Modern Western influence is eroding the health of our nation. With nutrient-poor foods taking precedence and making us sick. We’re here to help people foster a better relationship with food so they can live an abundant life without limits.

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Preserving The Future

We're committed to supporting regenerative agriculture and its role in promoting soil health, biodiversity, and sustainable food production. Sourcing our products from local farmers, we’re supporting their mission to reverse the effects of modern agriculture and rebuild ecosystems.

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How regenerative agriculture can feed South Africa

The only way to feed the 9 billion by 2050 is to produce our food conventionally. In other words we must tolerate caged animal agriculture and soil destructive, pesticide heavy grain growing methods.

This is the great lie...

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Our ancestors consumed animals nose to tail, letting nothing go to waste.

They believed in the principle of like supports like, which meant that eating the organs of an animal would support the health of their corresponding organs.

Scientists today have proven them right; organ meats are the most concentrated source of nutrients available to man. In fact, you can get every single vitamin, mineral, protein and fatty acid from animal foods in their most bioavailable form.

We recommend eating fresh organ meats if you can tolerate the taste, however, freeze dried organs are a convenient option. Although we call it a supplement, it really is just real food in a capsule.

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Our Story

We’re a small, family-run business in Cape Town, South Africa. We’re passionate about promoting the benefits of primitive living and bringing the lifestyle tenets of our ancestors to the fore of modern lives.

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