Our Story

Ancestral Nourishment is a small, family-run business in Cape Town, South Africa. We are passionate about promoting the benefits of primitive living and bringing the lifestyle tenets of our ancestors to the fore of modern lives.

Ancestral Nourishment was established in 2020, after, founder, Reeco Stewart, finished his honours degree in Biokinetics at Stellenbosch University. Over the course of his studies, his interest in nutrition piqued; the fundamental role of diet in promoting optimal health becoming all too apparent.

Dr Weston A Price—a researcher who studied the diets of healthy primitive people—and local regenerative farmer Angus McIntosh were foundational figures in the establishment of Ancestral Nourishment and our company ethos.

Fully aware of both the power of an animal-centric diet and the direct impact food quality has on human and environmental health outcomes, sourcing the highest quality, local animal products with clear benefits rooted in ancestral wisdom was, and remains, our aim.

With our stated ethos, it would be remiss of us to not place significant emphasis on the most prized ancestral foods; organ meats. This drove us to develop a range of grass fed, regeneratively raised, hormone and antibiotic-free organ meat capsules to enable fellow South African’s to benefit from these sacred foods if they don’t have access to quality fresh organ meats or simply cannot stomach the taste.

Our understanding of the profound benefits of traditional diet and lifestyle practices drove our desire to see more tenets of ancestral living adopted by modern man. Ancestral Nourishment is our part in making this happen.