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Ancestral Nourishment

Wild Venison Heart

Wild Venison Heart

Heart of the Wild 

Sourced from the untamed wilderness of private game reserves in South Africa, our Venison heart is a pinnacle of purity and nutrient richness. Freeze-dried to perfection, it is the cleanest source of coenzyme CoQ10 to support natural energy, performance, and cardiovascular health. 

  • Wild Venison Heart Blend (Springbok, Eland, Kudu, Wildebeest).
  • Unrivalled Nutrient Absorption.
  • The most concentrated source of bioavailable CoQ10.
  • Contains all B-vitamins.
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  • Antibiotic Free
  • Hormone Free
  • Allergen Free
  • Additive Free
  • Pesticide & GMO Free
  • Freeze-Dried to Preserve Nutrients
  • 150 Capsules
  • 30 Servings (600mg per Capsule)
  • Take 5 capsules per Day (3000mg per Serving)
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  • Nationwide Delivery Within 2-4 Business Days
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Wild Nourishment for Heart Health

At Ancestral Nourishment, we believe the adage ‘you are what you eat’. Our Wild Venison Heart blend is a blend of African wild game including Eland, Springbok, Kudu and Wildebeest.

These animals are known for their incredible endurance, speed, and resilience. Their ability to endure tough terrain and embark on epic migrations can be credited to their strong cardiovascular systems. And each capsule gifts you with the same heart tissue that powered their unrelenting stamina.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death globally, taking an estimated 17.9 million lives each year – and one of the leading causes of this is rooted in diet.

Nourishing this vital organ with the nutrients found in heart has been shown to reduce the risk of CVD, and there is no purer source of these nutrients than Wild Venison Heart.

Nature’s Number One Source of COQ10

Wild Venison heart is the most concentrated source of bioavailable coenzyme Q10, a fat-soluble vitamin compound which improves mitochondrial function and energy production.

Supports heart health

Supports your body’s antioxidant defences while reducing oxidative stress for better cardiovascular health.

Improves blood pressure

Shown to improve blood vessel function and support blood flow.

Enhances athletic performance

Reduces muscle fatigue and speeds up recovery.

Why Choose Venison?

It's not just about what you eat, but how it's sourced.

Ancestral Nourishment's Venison Organs is more than a dietary choice; it's as close as it gets to the roots of human nourishment.

Our Venison range taps into the primal, sustainable practice of hunting, reflecting an age-old harmony with nature.

Each Venison product captures wild nourishment from Africa’s most iconic animals: Eland, Springbok, Wildebeest and Kudu. Ethically hunted on wild game reserves, they not only guarantee the purest nutritional profile but honour time-tested ecological wisdom.

Wild Venison Heart is also a great source of


An essential mineral which aids in growth, immune function and DNA synthesis.


An essential trace mineral helps improve cognition, immune system function, and fertility.


B1-Thiamine, B2-Riboflavin, B3-Niacin, B5-Pantothenic Acid, B6-Pyridoxine, B7-Biotin, B9-Folate, B12-Cobamalin. Each of these vitamins serve as building blocks for overall health.


Needed for proper brain function. Low intake of choline is associated with four fold increased risk of neural tube defects.



Take 5 capsules a day with water for best results.

Produced in small batches

We pay careful attention to ensure that each bottle is packaged with care and exceptional quality control.


Packaged in a glass bottle and free from BPAs.

Where Fences End, the Spirit of Africa Begins

Wild game in South Africa long played a crucial role in the survival of the Bushmen, Khoikhoi, and Khoisan. Beyond sustenance, these animals were deeply woven into the cultural and spiritual fabric of these tribes.

The Eland

The Eland is prized by the Bushmen for its spiritual and physical sustenance. The largest of antelope species, it commands respect through sheer size and strength.  Eland motifs are prevalent in San rock art, symbolizing their deep respect and mystical beliefs associated with this animal.

The Springbok

The Springbok has long been a symbol of abundance for the San. Known for their agility, leaps and sprints, these antelopes were crucial in honing the San's hunting prowess and were a vital food source for the Khoikhoi.

The Wildebeest

The iconic wildebeest, central to the San and Khoikhoi ecosystems, was revered for its epic migrations. This resilient animal continues to play a vital role in supporting the biodiversity of regions they graze on.

The Kudu

The Kudu, admired for its majestic horns, held a significant place in San culture. Beyond its value for meat and hide, the kudu's horns were used in spiritual rituals and ceremonies, reflecting the San's deep environmental connection and exceptional tracking skills.

Supporting Game Reserves & Nature Conservation

Our Venison range pays homage to the traditional hunting practices of indigenous tribes. Their hunting practices were sustainable, marked by a profound respect for the animals and the environment.

Modern game reserves preserve this ancient practice that is key to not just our survival, but the planet’s.

They play a pivotal role in environmental conservation, serving as sanctuaries that promote biodiversity, sustain healthy wildlife populations, and preserve vital ecosystems. This approach to wildlife management ensures that each harvest contributes to the ecological health of the reserve, maintaining a natural balance.

From Local Farms in South Africa

We source all our products from regenerative farms here in South Africa. Not only ensuring the highest quality foods from well-raised animals but also supporting the sustainable agricultural methods our planet needs.

Our Community Loves Wild Venison Heart

And we’re confident you will too.

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